Wednesday, January 23, 2008


3:57 PM Jennifer: you there?
3:58 PM me: yes
choo want?
Jennifer: okay, there was a commercial on tv..
for some kind of lense crafters type thing (I think.)...
And the end of the commercial says "Med Express Fart"
ha ha ha ha ha hahaha ha hahah
3:59 PM express fart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: that is so awesome
Jennifer: I'm still laughing, and it was lik30 minutes ago.
4:01 PM me: John is watching me laugh
and muttering Med Express Fart
Jennifer: he heeee heeee heee
it translates to 'with express speed.'
4:02 PM me: that is so awesome
it's making my face hurt
4:03 PM Jennifer: the first time I saw the commercial I wasn't sure that I heard it right. But then it played three more times during the tv show.
me: ha ha
you need to find a way to video it
and put it on youtube for me
hee hee heee
4:04 PM Jennifer: I wish I could remember what the commercial was for. I'm sure they'd have it on their website - it's like their catch phrase.
me: hee heee
4:05 PM Jennifer: good grief - have you ever googled the word 'fart'?
hee hee heee
great minds!
4:07 PM Jennifer: This is the company!
4:08 PM me: I will be 32 on Sunday. really. I'm not 7.
Jennifer: They don't have the 'med express fart' translated into english on the UK site.
me: I just told my other friend that I'm chatting with that I'm not qualified to give relationship advice when I'm laughing so hard and googling "fart"
Jennifer: On Sunday? I thought your birthday was in February...
me: nawp
Jan 27, same as it's always been
Jennifer: Huh. Maybe it's just that I didn't get you a present until February last year...
4:09 PM me: but don't worry. I can't remember your birthday either
Jennifer: March 14
I'll be 35
4:10 PM Oh, hey - both my kids have shown an interest in knitting!!
L wanted to knit last Friday, when Nami had come over so that I could get her started on a hat. So I got out the little needles you'd given T.
4:11 PM I cast on a few stitches and knit a few rows and then handed the needles to Lilli. And she pretended to knit!
And then this evening T asked me to show him how to knit.
He knit a few stitches and then handed it back to me and said "you knit faster than I do."
4:12 PM me: that's usually how far I get with Rowan
he does a few stitches, or maybe a whole row, and then is done
4:13 PM Jennifer: I'm not gonna push him. I think L will get into it more than T.
She loves playing with yarn.
me: maybe if we make it a forbidden thing they will want it more
4:14 PM Jennifer: ha ha, for sure
4:15 PM I just know that I'm going to giggle myself to sleep, muttering 'express fart'
I'm giggling now.
me: my face hurts
my cheeks are sore
I will giggle over express fart for the rest of the day
probably for the rest of the week
Jennifer: it's etter than prok
better than
4:16 PM me: prok!
Jennifer: D just came in and asked me what I was doing.
me: hee hee
laughing over farts honey
googling farts
you know
Jennifer: I showed him the express fart website and busted out laughing all over again.
me: the usual
4:17 PM Jennifer: he said 'is it that funny?' and I said "YEAH!"
I said "I told Milli about it and we both googled 'fart'" ha ha ha ha ha
THAT is why we are such good friends!
me: yes!
because we google fart
Jennifer: because we google fart.
4:18 PM me: and not just any fart. express fart
Jennifer: ha ha h ha ha ha ha
me: hee hee
John just keeps looking at me
Jennifer: D just doens't understand what's so funny
4:19 PM I'm stilllaughing
me: me too
what is fart in swedish?
if fart is speed
then what is swedish for fart
4:20 PM Jennifer: When I was pregnant with T, D and I drove up to visit his parents. We saw a truck pulling a camper. And the camper had the word/name "Skamper" painted on it.
I said "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if that belonged to Ken's Dad?" (Ken's last name is Stamper.) "Because then it would be the Stamper Skamper Camper!" And I swear, I laughed the rest of the way to VA!
4:21 PM me: hahahaha
Jennifer: In fact, it still makes me chuckle.
me: that's pretty awesome
me: John is rolling his eyes
4:22 PM prutta
Jennifer: I just told D that I told you about the Stamper Skamper Camper. And then I busted out laughing. D rolled his eyes and said "That still makes you laugh..."
4:23 PM Jennifer: fiser
me: fiser
4:24 PM I like prutta better
it makes me think of flapping butt cheeks
hee hee hee
Jennifer: Yeah, me too.
me: because I am 7
Jennifer: ha ha ha
7 going on 32/35

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